Where Are The Best Timeshares To Own?

The best timeshares to own are the ones that you enjoy the most. The best way to find them is to do your research properly and visit as many as you can. Luckily, there is usually a timeshare tour to be found at greatly reduced rates. However, that these tours are cheap are because you will be subjected to some high pressure sales tactics. So be warned!

On top of deciding the best timeshares to own, you should consider that after a couple of years, you may want to rent your timeshare out or exchange your week/location for another one. Choose your method of purchase with this in mind and make sure these options will be available to you. The success of doing this will usually depend on the desirability of the timeshare location.

Coastal destinations such as Cancun and Hawaii are always popular and have some fantastic timeshare resorts. But if the coast isn't your thing, there are plenty inland destinations.

Probably one of the most famous destinations is Disney World and no doubt this one resort (there are others of course) will remain one of the best timeshares to own. Another good resort destination is Las Vegas. Anything you want or need can always be found in Vegas. Both these venues have a massive selection of restaurants and things to do.

Moving away from the razz-ma-tazz of Vegas, San Francisco is certainly worth considering. San Francisco is cosmopolitan, has some wonderful eateries, loads to see and do and has a very good night club scene.

Hawaii with swaying palms and wonderful beaches should not be ruled out. However, in this exotic and romantic location you will find there is a low supply with a high demand. If you are fortunate enough to be successful to obtaining a timeshare in Hawaii is that if you ever wanted to rent or sell, you are unlikely to have a problem in doing so.

Thailand is also popular, especially the Phuket Beach Club in Mai Khao, Phuket. The airport is just 10 miles from the resort and, as you would expect from Thailand, the vista is exceptional with swaying palms, gorgeous lilies and natural water features.

Generally speaking, anywhere that people always visit, for whatever reason, is worth considering as one of the best timeshares to own and should be given some serious consideration. Unfortunately, popularity is reflected in the cost, although you may be able to get a resale bargain if you are fortunate. Decide beforehand whether you would prefer coastal or inland resorts and what facilities you want, as some places are more family orientated than others.

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